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Prawn Fried Rice

Prawn Fried Rice - LimasNibbles

Intercontinental - ₦ 3500.00

Soy sauce with, white rice, stir fry prawns, finely cut green peppers, crushed carrots and greens

Vegetable Salad with sour cream

Vegetable Salad with sour cream - LimasNibbles

Salad - ₦ 3225.00

fresh veggies tossed in creamy dressing complimented with a sweet/sour sauce cream.

fried rice mix

fried rice mix - LimasNibbles

Nigerian - ₦ 3225.00

Fried rice with mixed vegetables and chicken drumsticks

French fries/plantain and sauce

French fries/plantain and sauce - LimasNibbles

Snacks - ₦ 3400.00

French Fries fried in low cholesterol oil with crisply fried plantains with tomato sauce and ketchup

Peppered chicken

Peppered chicken - LimasNibbles

Nigerian - ₦ 3400.00

Fried/Grilled chicken in rich tomato sauce, garnished with onion rings, ketchup and sweet sauce

Moimoi cooked in leaves

Moimoi cooked in leaves - LimasNibbles

Nigerian - ₦ 2000.00

freshly ground beans sauced with crushed, sieved crayfish, boiled eggs and coated with oil.

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